The new debit card StudentID

Use the debit card StudentID to make payments both online and offline! It’s also an ISIC student ID that is valid worldwide! Open your free student account online or at one of the Erste Bank and Sparkasse branches and receive your ISIC ID for free along with your new account!

Personalisierte Debitkarte Student ID der Erste Bank Sparkasse

Services and Benefits

1. The debit card StudentID

This debit card StudentID can do more:

  • You can use it to pay offline & online (wherever you see the Mastercard logo)
  • Digitalise your debit card and make contactless payments using your smartphone
  • It’s also your ISIC – International Student Identity Card – which is recognised worldwide.
  • This ID gets you exclusive benefits around the world. They special ISIC offers in Austria include lots of markdowns in online shops as well as discounts in hostels and restaurants and reduced rates in the fitness studio.

2. Free account keeping

Until you turn 27, no account keeping fees will be charged.*

3. Credit card offers

Chose either s MasterCard or s Visa Card. Get the credit card of your choice for free or at a discount*. Make cashless payments and withdraw cash – using your card and personal code. Create your very own personal code using the self-service devices in the Erste Bank and Sparkassen foyers.

4. George – Austria’s most modern internet banking platform

If you have a student account, you can use George  – Austria’s most modern internet banking platform. Because George is easy to use. George saves time. And: George is fun.

Effective immediately, you can do your banking from wherever you are – at home, on campus, or in your lounge chair by the pool in Spain. The George app turns the most modern banking to the most mobile banking

5. Further benefits

This is how to get your free student account plus debit card StudentID:

Either Open the account online

  1. Conveniently open a free student account in approx. 10 minutes
  2. The debit card StudentID will be sent to you by post
  3. Activate George & s Identity and start living your new money life right away

Open it at a branch

  1.  Open a free student account at a Erste Bank or Sparkasse branch
  2. Don’t forget to bring a passport-sized photograph and your confirmation of enrolment (Inskriptionsbestätigung)
  3. Your debit card StudentID will be sent to you by post

Your debit card StudentID will be ready to use as soon as it arrives.

Wiener Städtische Versicherung Logo

Exclusive bonus partner for the debit card StudentID brought to you by Erste Bank AG is the insurer Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

* Please adhere to the Conditions and Special Provisions

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