The ISIC Quickstart

Finally you hold your ISIC in your hands! Now you can not only identify yourself as a student anywhere in the world, but also enjoy numerous discounts.

Frau hält Smartphone mit ihrer ISIC in die Kamera.

Your cardnumber

The heart of your ISIC, the card number, can be found above your picture. You need this number to take advantage of thousands of discounts worldwide.

Plastikkarte und virtuelle Karte in der app, die Kartennummer wird mit einem gelben Rahmen hervorgehoben.

The ISIC app at a glance

Now you can conveniently search for discounts on the go and even use your smartphone to prove your student status. This way you always have your ISIC with you, even if you don’t have your card handy. Of course, you can also use the app as an IYTC or ITIC cardholder to benefit from the discounts.

3 Smartphones, die verschiedene Seiten der ISIC App anzeigen.
  • Discover thousands of discounts and offers worldwide
  • Create your personal favorites list for faster access
  • Prove your student status and take advantage of offers with the virtual card
  • Use the map function to search and filter discounts in your area
  • Sort and filter discounts by categories

How to get your ISIC discounts

Ready to get started and enjoy 150,000 perks worldwide?

You can find all discounts in the ISIC app and in the discount section of our site.

Still looking for the perfect accommodation for your next trip? At you have the world’s largest selection of apartments, vacation homes, hotel rooms and and and. With your ISIC, ITIC or IYTC you get 4% Cashback and up to 15% discounton your next booking.


You can fly to over 140 destinations with Emirates. In addition to a discount of up to 15%, you can change your booking date up to 7 days before departure.


Backpacking through Europe, planning a city trip or simply going home to your family for the weekend: FlixBus gets you to your destination at an unbeatable price. Withyour card you save up to 15%.

And if something doesn't work?

Want to redeem a discount but it just won’t work? This can have various reasons. It is best to read the terms and conditions of the discount voucher again carefully. Maybe the discount code is not valid on reduced items or only from a minimum order value.

An error message appears when you try to verify your card? Check if you have entered all the data correctly and try again. Enter the name and card number exactly as it is written on the card and do not forget the letters.

In our FAQ you will also find an overview of answers to frequently asked questions.
And last but not least you have of course the possibility to contact us. We are happy to help!


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